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A beautiful and inviting spread. Including a spread of some OFFAL items.

*Food & Prop styling. Creative Direction.


I cooked a dinner for some fellow artists in a beautiful loft. I wanted a warm and inviting Fall-time feel with elements of frreshness & brightness. 


I got to cook a beautiful family get together out in Sonoma, CA. All fresh ingredients inspired by their fresh olive oil and family wine business. Super delicious day.  Food *Stylist & Chef 


A lunch feast cooked, curated and experienced in the Big Sur, California coast. Farmers market produce, heirloom beans and good friends. 


Recipe Writing. Recipe testing, Development and Food Styling.  One of my proudest moments. 

*Digital and Print 


Worked with Creative Director and Chef to develop look and recipes for the launch of June Ovens. 

*Recipe Development, Testing, Writing, Food Stylist, 


A yacht get together in the Bay Area waters. Menu consisted of sea faring bites that were California Fresh. *Creative Direction. Food Styling. 


 Work was for Analon, Farberware, and Circulon brands. Appeared on their  websites, social media and packaging. Lead Stylist, props. 


A beautiful and austere lunch inspired by artists in NYC at Ed. Varie Gallery. 

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