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From my earliest days, my love for cooking was nurtured by experiences with both my parents. Whether it's baking with my father or picking herbs with my mother, I've cultivated my own unique flare in the kitchen and beyond.


With over 10+ years of professional experience behind the stove and 5+ years specializing in food styling across various settings, the culinary world has become an integral part of my life.

Having worked in highly esteemed and iconic restaurants in both San Francisco and New York, I owe a great deal of my culinary expertise to the guidance of Judy Rogers from Zuni Cafe and, of course, to my parents who instilled in me a genuine passion for cooking healthy and delicious food.

As a Food Stylist, I have had the privilege of learning from some of the industry's finest. I take pride in infusing each project with my unique flair and collaborating with creative teams to bring forth visually stunning results.

Throughout my career, I have had the pleasure of cooking for a diverse range of individuals, from preschoolers to billionaires, artists, friends, & family. My specialties lie in rustic California/Mediterranean cuisine, characterized by clean flavors and the use of high-quality ingredients. I particularly enjoy utilizing a wood-fired grill to enhance the taste and experience.


Outside of the kitchen, I lead a multifaceted life. I play tennis, love snowboarding, am part of various creative projects, and am always immersing myself in the arts. I cherish life's special moments and have a passion for creating mixtapes.


- Creative/Art Direction

- Food Styling

- Recipe Development 

- Personal/Private Chef for events 

- Culinary Consultant for startups

- Recipe Writing

- Recipe Testing 

- Recipe Development

- Culinary Production 

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